To Quit or Not to Quit, That is the Question

Reselling, that is.

Several months ago,  I realized that I am sick of buying stuff and the need to always be out shopping, shopping, shopping for the booth/ Etsy shop.  I am also sick of having cluttered rooms in my house due to merchandise being everywhere.  Until last October, I had been thrifting every single week in an effort to update my merchandise.  

I started reselling in the spring of 2012 after thinking about it for a long time.  I had just left a miserable full-time job and was cobbling my income together with VERY part-time work at several nursing homes and a couple of teaching gigs.  I had more time than money, and it seemed right to finally start reselling.  I opened an Etsy shop which did fairly well as long as I kept it updated.  I should also note that because of the miserable job I had just left, I was questioning whether or not I actually wanted to be a psychologist anymore.  When you've invested a decade of your life for training and six figures of student loan debt into a life decision, it is rather painful to believe you've made the wrong choice.  

Slowly, I recovered.  Through my nursing home work I realized that I did still want to be a psychologist and that I was actually still pretty good at it.  Late in 2012 it became apparent that while I was super happy working VERY part-time, I needed to make more money.  The opportunity for my hospital position came up, and I added that into my rotation in early 2013.

In mid-2013, I decided to expand my vintage-selling empire (HA) by opening an antique store booth.  I have generally made a small profit each month, with the exception of the first month and February 2014, which was a bad month for sales.  This month (March) has been really good for sales.  I love the antique store that my booth is in and have only good things to say about it.

Unfortunately, reselling has become more of a pain than a pleasure.  I'm finding that I just have less time for it these days and my booth suffers because of it.  If I'm being honest, I think that I NEED it less now than I did in 2012 when I started.  At that time I desperately needed a creative outlet that had nothing to do with being a psychologist.  Reselling fulfilled that need and was an incredibly enjoyable hobby for me.

I shuttered my Etsy store in December, and will likely close my booth sometime in the coming months.  I haven't set a timeline for it because I'm just not sure when I will be ready to let go.  My goal has always been to someday have a small vintage clothing store, and that is still in my plan for the future.

So, I'm sad but also relieved.  I'll keep you updated as things move forward.


Danavee said…
I'm SO SAD!!!!!!! But I understand. We have similar dreams, so maybe one day we'll both find ourselves having our own brick and mortar shop!
Ugh, me too, Danavee!!! Yes, we should have side by side shops someday!! ;) Also, if I have any leftover merchandise when all is said and done you are more than welcome to have it- otherwise it'll just get donated.
Frugal Scholar said…
I feel like you are my long-lost daughter or other self or something. I started selling vintage in grad school--out of necessity. Then--during a bad period at work (boss hated me and she and husband bullied me0, I started selling a little on ebay and And even now, I occasionally sell things at the Buffalo Exchange. It IS fun. But--as you say--the mess can build up.

But having a booth/etsy shop--soooo time-consuming! Can you find a way to sell to another dealer? Or consign with another dealer?

A blog can be a creative outlet also, I think. It IS wonderful to have a little world you can control.
FS, that is quite the compliment!! Probably why I'm always so interested in your blog...I'm just trailing along a few years behind you! ;) Those are good thoughts- I will think about what other avenues might be available for resale that aren't quite so time- or space-consuming.
Chrissie said…
I have had a small vintage re-sale business with my sister since 10/09. It started out small with 3-4 sales each year but now we sell monthly at an occasional sale as well as having individual etsy shop.

While I have pretty good control of stock in my house, it feels like if I am not out every weekend (at least) at estate or garages sales or trolling thrift shops, I am dropping the ball.

I, too, am torn. I've thought of shuttering the etsy shop for at least a month and just seeing what that feels like.

Thanks for your thoughts which have raised some of my own!
Susan Bybee said…
I just found your blog and I LOVE it. Best of luck in your frugal travels -- I'll be eager to see how your journey commences!
Chrissie- I'll be curious to hear what you decide!

Susan- Thank you so much! :)

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