Frugal Happenings: I Hate Leftovers Edition

* Received a $10 check from the consignment shop where I resell my clothing.  This was the last little bit from my winter sales.  I'm getting a big bag of summer clothes ready to send there next.  A friend will take the bag to the store, so I don't even use gas to drop it off.

* Made a profit on the antique booth in March (woo hoo!) so I'll get a check from that.

* I've been getting acupuncture for hip pain, which has been very helpful.  I've been using my flexible spending account for this, so I haven't actually spent any out of pocket money so far.  My only regret is that I didn't put more into my flex account for this year!

* One of the least frugal things about me is my hatred of leftovers.  I just don't like them, so I try to not make things that produce a lot of extra servings.  I did have some extra already cooked roast in the freezer, though, so I took it out and dumped it back in the crock pot with a couple of pouches of seasonings and a can of diced tomatoes.  It was SO good!!!!  I also made up a small batch of mashed potatoes to go along with it using stuff I had on hand.

* I haven't been shopping much lately.

* I bought some seeds to try to grow a small garden this year and some various landscaping supplies to freshen up the outside of my house.  BUT.  I came out of the store, loaded up the car, and realized that I had a flat tire.  On a Sunday afternoon.  Having had more than my fair share of flats, I knew I should try to air it up and see if it would hold air.  It did, so I made it the couple of miles to my home with no problems, which leads me to...

* Woke up early to have my flat fixed so that I could still drive out to my side gig that day.  The repair was free since I bought the tires at that shop.

* Submitted an invoice to my side gig.  There was an extra Monday in my billing cycle, so it will be a fatter check than usual.

* Decreased my car insurance cost by ~$23 per month.

* Cancelled a monthly subscription, saving $10 per month.

* I have really dry hands, so I use a particular hand cream from Avon.  I normally get it at a reduced price from the Avon outlet store in town, but noticed it was on sale on the website for the same price AND there was a free shipping code, saving me gas money and time.

* I've been refreshing my Spanish skills using the Duolingo website.


Gracias, Liz!! ;) I have a LONG way to go but I'm going to keep working on it!!
Danavee said…
I love free shipping! IF I have to pay shipping, I pretend it's actually part of the cost of the item.........and is that item worth THAT. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't!

Yay for March at Relics! PAYDAY TODAY!!!!!!!
How can you be my daughter when I love leftovers more than the original meal? :)
Danavee- Me, too- I love free shipping! And yay for FINALLY a good month at Relics!

Mums- I don't know! I'd blame it on Dad but I'm pretty sure he eats leftovers. ;)
Frugal Scholar said…
Thanks for the duolingo tip--I'm thinking of tying it.

I am a leftover specialist--just like your real mom.
FS- I am really enjoying Duolingo. It's a different approach to learning language than what I've had before.

Maybe someday I can be like you and my real mom and eat leftovers like a good frugalista!! ;)

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