Happy Easter: Frugal Fashion Edition

Happy Easter, everyone!!!  I attend a contemporary church service, so I usually just roll out of bed and put on whatever clothing is comfortable and easily accessible.  However, I do try to make an effort on Easter.  This Easter outfit is all thrifted or cheap-o (except for the shoes), so I thought I'd share.  I also had to do a last minute sewing repair to a small hole on the shrug, so I felt very accomplished in my frugality today!

Dress: yard sale, $5
Grey shrug: thrift store, $3ish
Grey clutch purse: $2 (and new with tags!), yard sale
Bracelet: Cato clearance, $2ish
Shoes: Born via 6pm, $32 (a good price for Borns, but not cheap)


Sharon H said…
Well done. The dress is gorgeous. I am a fan of poppy-orange. :-)
Frugal Scholar said…
I love the vintage vibe of the dress! $32 for comfy shoes is OK--I keep telling myself that.
Danavee said…
I LOVE IT! Yay for an outfit post! HOW FUN! I am big on florals right now! The colors in that dress are pretty!
Frugal Scholar- the vintage vibe always gets me!! And I agree- comfortable shoes are worth every penny. Even if it's against my nature. ;)

Danavee- Thanks, lady!! :) I am loving florals, too!

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