Yard Sale Finds!

I love yard sale season!!!!  I went by myself a couple of weeks ago to multiple sales and then again yesterday with a friend to a large neighborhood sale.  I thought I'd share some of my finds with you.

Clothes!  The dress was $5 but everything else was $2 or less.  The pink collared shirt from Talbots was part of a 3/$1 (!!!) deal at a church sale.

White bowl for decorating, books for hoarding reading and gifting, workout DVDs.

New with tags gray clutch (carried in my Easter post) $2.  This brand is sold at Dillard's for minimum $80.  Crazy.  I've wanted an updated APA publication manual for a while since they came out with a new version after I left grad school but didn't want to shell out the $20+.  Who knew one would show up at a yard sale??  The spiral bound version is going for $32 on Amazon.  I think I paid fifty cents.

I am NOT supposed to be buying anything for the booth since I'm actually trying to clean it out in preparation for shutting it down.  But I couldn't leave these two crewel pieces behind for $3 each.  And I talked to the lady who made them 40 years ago.  I love that!

Fancy pants outlet cover for a quarter.  It goes well in my living room.  I'm going to keep an eye out for various outlet/ light switch covers for cheap.

More clothes!!  The white thing on the left is a fun faux fur jacket for $3.  The shirts and sweater were all $2-$3, which is a little more than I like to pay but I really loved all of these pieces and they will mesh well with my wardrobe.  The nice thing is that I can always make my money back by sending stuff to the consignment store if they don't fit or don't work for me. 

I also bought more books (not pictured).  I am a known book and clothes hoarder, and I don't have any remorse about it whatsoever!  This yard sale season, I'm looking for books, clothes, gifts, and home decor.  Anybody else out there yard sale-ing?  Or are you avoiding the potential clutter?


Danavee said…
LOVE garage sales! AND THOSE CREWEL PIECES are TOO amazing to pass up! You had to have them.
Thanks for enabling me, Danavee!! ;) Ha ha!
Chrissie said…
Love garage sales! It's killing me that this weekend there are 2 huge neighborhood sales and I am working all Friday and made a 9 hour volunteer commitment for Saturday! Good news, more sales through May!!
Mrs. GV said…
Great deals, especially on the clothes! I've only been to one yard sale so far this spring, but this weekend there are several I'm hoping to visit. A nearby town is having a city-wide sale. (Swoon.)
Frugal Scholar said…
Garage sales are dangerous! I only go to 2-3 a year because my rule is that it has to be a short walk from my house. Thrift stores are another story. Your finds are fabulous.

Have you read Holes? It is a masterpiece imo. My son got a copy for his birthday and I was so taken with it that (along with a former colleague) I wrote an essay about it.
FS- Yes, Holes is one of my all time favorite books!! I buy multiple (cheap) copies so to have on hand to give away because I am so enamored with it. I bet it would make for an excellent essay.

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