Embarrassing Frugal Confession: Gym Shorts Edition

No, there is no accompanying photo.  You do not need to visualize my shame.  

With the exception of expensive items (cashmere, coats, boots, purses), I do not hang onto clothing for long.  I like to change things up, and so things are sent to the consignment store regularly.

Except for one item.  A pair of gray men's gym shorts purchased at a yard sale...16 years ago.  

I will be 32 next month, and I bought these shorts the summer I turned 16.  At the time, they were too big and had the emblem of my soon-to-be-attended college on them.  Neither of these things are true now.  They now fit perfectly and that emblem wore off years ago.  The elastic is almost shot, they are nearly see through, and there are two holes in the back.  The drawstring cord disappeared probably a decade ago.  

I'm wearing them right now, but this will be their last voyage.  We have had some good times together.

Good-bye, gray gym shorts.  May I never again hold onto a piece of ratty clothing for as long as I've held onto you. 


Danavee said…
Awwwww. I feel a little sad. Cut a swatch to keep.
I am a little sad (and obviously weird)!!! ;) End of an era.
I believe I dibs those 16 years ago. Thanks for wearing them out.

Ha ha ha, Mom! You can have 'em now. ;)
Too funny! You definitely got your money's worth out of them. You could cut a swatch and make a quilt out of them and other comfort clothing...ha!

I had a gray jacket like that. Owned it since high school and *loved* it. But my mother and sister had an intervention with me a few years ago and said, since I'm 43 and high school was a long time ago, I needed to get rid of the jacket... :)
Elizabeth- so glad I'm not the only one!! ;) I'm surprised no one had an intervention with me yet. :)

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