Pyrex Print Dish Towels!!!!!!!

I feel like this post needs exclamation marks because of HOW CUTE these are!!!  For my birthday, I bought myself three different Pyrex print dish towels.  A company in Florida called Fresh Pastry Stand screen prints various vintage Pyrex designs onto tea towels (!!!).  For the record they are pretty large, so you can only fit two on your oven handle if that's how you display your towels.  These babies will be show towels and will not be used for actual towel purposes.  How did I become a person who owns show towels???  Anyhoo.  They make me smile every time I walk in the kitchen.


Danavee said…
HA!!!! Show towels! I love that so much. I purchased the turquoise butterprint sometime back, and I've never used it either! I didn't know they had started making other prints! LOVE them all!!!
I used to mock anyone who had show towels...and here I am. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!! ;) How did I not know that this company existed? Such a cute idea!
Love 'em! I have yet to ad any to my kitchen. Sometime soon though.

♥ Sir Thrift-A-Lot
Tahnee Lee said…
We carry these at my store. I love them. So much in fact that I ordered some for me! I'm getting a pair of the Spring Blossom fridgie set towels. :)
Tahnee, I hope they are selling well in your shop! :)
So great to see everyone loving these tea towels XOXO

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