DIY Gift Idea: Lip Balm

I made a batch of lip balm earlier this summer following this recipe.

Here's what I did differently and a couple of notes:

1) I bought beeswax in pellets so I wouldn't have to grate it. 
2) I melted the ingredients in the microwave (30 seconds at a time with lots of stirring) instead of on the stove.
3) I used a glass measuring cup with a pour spout and poured directly into the paint pots.  I do NOT have steady hands but was able to easily do this without using a syringe or dropper.
4) The title of the linked recipe might say lip gloss, but this is most definitely a balm.
5) Don't bother with the lipstick chunk unless you just want it to be a pretty color.  My balm is a pretty pink color in the pot but applies clear.
6) I found the paint pots in the paint section at a craft store after looking at several different craft stores with no success.
7) Check Ebay or Etsy for ingredients if you are just buying a small amount.


Danavee said…
This could be a fun girl night thing!

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