Frugal Happenings

                                                                                  Homemade yogurt!

Ways in which I have saved money lately:

* I've been too busy to do much shopping.  This is the absolute best way to save money!

* Received a check from my side gig and sent off another invoice for payment.  I am concerned about some shifts that are happening in my side gig and how that might end up impacting me (i.e. I might not have this extra work or money available in the near future).  I am looking for another stream of income just in case.

* Cancelled a subscription that I was no longer enjoying.

* Found a health supplement that I needed online for a good price.  Searched on Retail Me Not and found a 25% off code that worked.  Went through Upromise for 5% back and used my credit card for an additional 5% back.

* Made a batch of laundry soap- 1 bar grated soap (I used Ivory), 1 cup Borax, 1 cup washing soda.

* Started using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets to combat static (I hang my "good" clothes to dry but use the dryer for the rest).  My aunt has sheep and made me dryer balls for part of my birthday gift.  They work really well.

* Made my own yogurt in the crock pot for the first time- why haven't I done this before???  It is so easy AND delicious!  I used the instructions here.

* I continue to declutter the house.  I hate to say it, but I will probably have a yard sale.  UGH...but it would be great to get a little more money to go toward the car fund.

* Used up several birthday freebie coupons.  My favorite was a coupon code sent to me from a tea store where I had placed an order a couple of years ago.  I was able to get loose leaf Earl Grey Creme tea for free.

* Received some clothing hand-me-downs from my mother.  When she purges her closet, she gives it to me to sell at consignment and I get to keep the money, which is SO nice.  I looked through the bag and kept a denim jacket and a cute top.  My mom has good taste!

* Took two garbage bags FULL of clothing, shoes, and accessories to the consignment shop.

* Received two checks from the consignment shop totaling almost $75!!

* Dillon's had a good deal on Charmin toilet paper AND I had $2 in coupons (both electronic and paper versions), so I stocked up.  I feel the people's judgment when I have a cart full of toilet paper, but that doesn't stop The Frugal Shrink!!  I also picked up a free Propel water while I was there as well as actual food products that I needed like bananas, eggs, and milk. 

* Visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder house and museum in Mansfield.  My entry was paid for by my mom as a birthday present.  I love visiting this place.

* Ran out of Swiffer dry cloths (generic version) so I cut up some sort of cleaning cloth that I was gifted last year.  It worked perfectly, which is very important during this season of my-long-haired-cat-is-shedding-like-crazy-look-at-the-fur-tumbleweeds-rolling-by.

* I continue to mow my yard myself (for now).  I had intended to find someone to do it for me, but my laziness and procrastination has saved me money.  Tee hee!

* I planted some veggies in my small raised bed.  It seems as though I may have cucumbers and tomatoes at some point...but I'll believe it when I see it.  I've already had a bit of lettuce and arugula.  I also had Asiatic lilies return to my front flower bed this year, so I had several weeks of beautiful flowers with no money spent or effort involved.

* Dyed my own hair.

* Gave myself a pedicure.

* Ordered three books from Paperback Swap.


Tammy said…
You go girl! I do find the best way for me to save money is to stay out of the stores. ha. Glad the dryer balls are working. I'm going to try the yogurt too. I've always wanted to, but wasn't sure I'd like the taste. If you want me to bring you some DE (Dichotomous Earth)for your garden I can do that Friday (if you let me know).

Chrissie said…
I adopted a rescue dog 3 weeks ago and am amazed by how little $$ I spend because I want to be home with him. He lived the first 11 months of his life outside so is learning how to be an indoor (mostly) dog and needs some monitoring.

I am walking three half hour periods each day with him - cheap exercise!

Also gave up my space at an occasional sale shop - thus saving $$ to buy things for the shop plus the time it took to keep the space stocked. Still have an etsy shop but lots of my stock will be re-directed there.
Thanks, Auntie!! And I highly recommend the yogurt. :)

Chrissie- Good for you for adopting a dog!! Lots of benefits financially, emotionally, and physically! :)
Mrs. GV said…
I use the microfiber cleaning cloths in my Swiffer all the time and just wash them when they get dirty. We have hardwood throughout the house and those cloths work well for cleaning the floors of dog hair, even with the third, extra-fluffy dog we just adopted last month (Pug/American Eskimo dog mix.)
Danavee said…
What consignment place do you go to? I go to Review Shop (love the girls there) but have to wait for the consignment to end for payday.
Danavee, I use Act II in Lebanon (I used to live there). I either drop things off 2x per year when the seasons change or a friend takes the stuff for me. They are not very picky except that your items need to be in decent condition and that you follow their seasonal rules. Anything that doesn't sell gets donated to Crosslines and they cut a check for your sales at the end of each month. They mail checks every two months. I've been using them for years.
Danavee said…
Awesome! My mom grew up down that way (Phillipsburg/Conway).

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