Vintage Finds

I went to an antique mall over the weekend and found some fun stuff!  Forgive my sad cell phone pics.

Vintage aqua flowered curtains- four short, sheer panels for $9.

Vintage canister set for $8 (!!!).  I have been on the hunt for a canister set for a while.  The flour label is missing, but I don't mind.

There is glare/ reflection on this one from the flash- it's actually very clear in-person.  Framed aqua Thunderbird photo, $8.  I am not a car person at all, but the color, vintage look, and palm trees made it a keeper! 

Annnnnnd now I've become one of those vintage collectors who buys other people's photos.  But everything about this 60s wedding photo is amazing.  (More glare on this one, sorry!)

This one isn't vintage, but it is too cute.  Embroidered Airstream on a tea towel?  Yes, please!


Danavee said…
LOVE the curtains! Where did you go????
Heartland Antique Mall in Lebanon! There are some real gems in there. :)
Bargain Mom said…
As an airstream owner I LOVE that tea towel!!

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