Deal Alert: Revlon Eyeshadow at Walgreens

There is a good deal to be had on these Revlon eye shadow singles at Walgreens!! 

1) Go to the Walgreens website, log in, and look under the weekly ad and coupons link. 
2) There should be two Revlon eye product coupons available- a $2 manufacturer's coupon, and a monthly Walgreens store coupon.  Load or clip both to your Walgreens card.
3) If there isn't a monthly WG store coupon available, you can find it in the little coupon books in store that are located in the stand where they keep the weekly ads.
4) Go to and print the Revlon $2 manufacturer eye product coupon.  Be sure to use your back button and resend/ reload so that you can print two.
5) If you are able to do all of this, you will be able to purchase three eye shadows and get $3 off per eye shadow.  They were priced $3.29 in my store, so I paid ~$1 total for three, or .29 each plus tax.
6) If the manufacturer coupons are no longer available on, you should still be able to buy one with the $3 off that you were able to load/ clip to your card on the WG website.

And no, I didn't need more eye shadow.  What I do is keep makeup that I buy for a killer deal in a box under my bed and when I feel the urge to shop for some beauty products, I "shop" in that box first.  These shadows are quite lovely and my WG had a wide range of colors.  Happy deal hunting!


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