Today's Decluttering Mission

Normally, I prefer to stuff my car full of donations and take it all to Salvation Army- no fuss, no muss, and it's over in less than twenty minutes including drive time.  But as I'm hunkering down on my savings goals, I'm finding that every dollar counts.  Which means that I will be having a yard sale soon (UGH) and also selling a few things online.

Here is what's on the agenda:

1) List two books on Amazon (COMPLETED)

2) List vintage needle point kits on Etsy

3) List table/ chairs, stool, chair, and lamp on Craigslist

4) Start prepping/ tagging things for yard sale

5) Procrastinate by writing a blog post

Anyone else decluttering??


Chrissie said…
I have an enormous stack of boxes and larger items gathering in my basement for a sale in September - between my stuff and our daughter's it will be a huge sale. I just wish I could have the sale now to clean out the space.

I do donate pretty regularly but sometimes I just want to make a quick(ish) buck!
Good luck on your sale, Chrissie!! :)
Danavee said…
This was the summer for decluttering around here! And THIS was a good reminder to KEEP IT UP!

Danavee, it's tough when we have so many good thrifts and flea markets available to us!!
Mrs. GV said…
Yes! I swore up and down I was not going to have another yard sale. Well, my mom is going to having a huge moving sale this fall and I am going to put at least a few things in there.

I want to just take them to the thrift store too but we are trying to save more as well, so......we will have to see how much I put in the sale and how much I donate.

I hear you, Mrs. GV!!! Every stinkin' time I swear up and down I will never have one again. And here I am... ;) Good luck on your sale!
Michele said…
Always decluttering constantly since we found out we were going to have to
move May 15. We moved in June and I'm still discarding steadily as I look
for best places to put things in the new place. Purple Heart has come by 4
times already and will again this coming Wed. I've dropped bags and boxes
of stuff at a thrift store near a weekly appointment at least 5 times but
there is always more. Not done: boxes of books to Half Price Books because
we've moved so far away it's really inconvenient. They are in the trunk of
my car. One of the issues with this house is that it has no attic,
basement, garage, or even a carport. Sigh. Good luck!
Well done, Michele!! Moving always brings the decluttering need to the forefront. :/ Good luck to you as well!
Frugal Scholar said…
UGH. The neverending story in my house. I vowed about 15 yrs ago to never have a yard sale and I have kept to that vow. I still need to up my donations.

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