Car Fund Update and a Pause on Savings

I have officially saved 50% of my car fund goal!  My car savings account now sits at $6049, which is SO exciting!!  I've been putting off this update for a while because I feel oddly superstitious- will putting the number in print make Murphy come knocking?  

My car fund will likely be sitting at that amount for a while.  My primary job has gone to a productivity-based salary system, which means that my salary is now variable and changes every three months.  I believe this will be a good thing in the long run and I have the potential to increase my salary significantly...but this is not good timing for me.  I happen to be transitioning into clinic-based work from my previous hospital work (same organization, just a different position), and this means it will take some time to build up my productivity.  So in the meantime, there won't be a lot of extra dollars floating around.

I am also leaving my side job.  The writing has been on the wall for close to a year that this would be happening, but it took me some time to make the leap.  The company that I contract with has made an attractive offer to keep me on (closer facility, more pay, less time working) and if they make that happen I will stay on.  If not, I will be done at the end of September.  I saved the majority of my side job money, so this will obviously impact my savings as well.

I will continue to work on building up my productivity at my primary job and will also look for another side job.  While I figure things out, my savings account will be on pause. 


Frugal Scholar said…
Having those savings allows you to make choices--love frugality!
Me, too!!!! The freedom that comes with frugality is worth it!
Danavee said…
I hope the side job pulls through with the closer spot/more money!!!!

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