Diary of a Frugal-ish Day

Today is a holiday in the U.S. (Labor Day) and I am home from work as a result.  Here is the lowdown on my frugal-ish day:

* Wake up at 5am.  Seriously, 5am?! Try to go back to sleep to no avail.  Flop around in bed and look at some websites on my laptop.
* Decide not to run the errands I had planned because it is pouring rain and none of them are urgent.
* Finally get OUT of bed at 8am.  Decide to hang some curtains.  Go to find the step stool in the kitchen.
* In the kitchen, get distracted by the quinoa and tortillas sitting on the counter.  Remember that I wanted to do a bunch of food prep.  Forget about the step stool/ curtains and start prepping food.
* I freeze a bunch of blueberries that were on sale, hard boil some eggs, portion strawberries and pretzels into containers, make pesto hummus, assemble burritos for the freezer, cook quinoa, make this creamy caprese quinoa bake which is delicious (warning, curse word in blog title if that bothers you).  
* Clean as I go and run the dishwasher.
* Decide now would be a good time to clean toilets.  
* What am I supposed to be doing?  Oh yeah, the curtains!  Go to retrieve the step stool (again).  Decide that other curtains need to be cleaned.  Take down the bedroom and living room curtains and put them in the washer with some sheets.
* Hmm, there are cobwebs in the general vicinity of the curtains.  Go through the house with the feather duster removing cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and ceiling fans.
* FINALLY hang the curtains (two hours later).
* Call my mom on the phone and have a nice chat.
* Take the other curtains out of the dryer.  They need to be ironed, but I don't have any spray starch.  Google spray starch recipe.  Make my own spray starch.
* Take a nap.
* Iron the curtains.  The homemade spray starch works wonderfully.  
* Take some pictures of my new-to-me vintage side table for a future blog post.
* Do some Christmas gift planning, both things I will buy and things I will make. Discover that I am further along on my gift buying/ making than I thought.  Yay!
* Do another load of laundry.

While I love doing fun things outside the house, there is also something wonderful about a frugal-ish day puttering at home!


Danavee said…
I just pinned that recipe! And I froze ON SALE blueberries too!
It is really good! And woo hoo for cheap blueberries!!!
Frugal Scholar said…
I should do a diary too. What a wonderful day. And I love the $1 jacket from your last post.

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