New (Vintage) Mid Century Side Table

I am slowly redecorating bits of my living room.  I have wanted to do this for a while, but I recently bought a new (vintage) dining set (dining and living areas are connected) and now certain items look completely wrong for this space.  So OF COURSE I need to do just a bit of redecorating.  That mostly means that I got rid of the storage cubes, am going to find some different wall art, will make new pillows for the couch, and I wanted to find a vintage side table.  I am also planning to recover my 50+ year old wing chairs, but that is out of necessity as the fabric is starting to show wear.  Posts will be forthcoming about my insane travels to buy upholstery fabric and with pictures of my wonderful vintage dining set.

Anyhoo, this fab side table was just $35 at a local flea market.  I am so pleased with it and was also pretty pleased with the price!


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