Decluttering Part One Million

I have continued my work on decluttering the house and have nearly gotten rid of everything that needs to go.  Yay!!  Here's what I've done lately and what still needs to be done:

* Listed two wooden bar stools/ pub height chairs for sale on Craigslist. 
                                                                                                 You need to leave my life.  And my house.
* Listed a J. Crew coat as a buy-it-now option on Ebay.  If it doesn't sell within a month, I'll send it along to the consignment store.
* Listed an old psychology textbook on Amazon.  It's an older reference book, and if it does sell it should fetch $70-80.
* Sent THREE full trash bags of clothing to the consignment store.  There was some higher end stuff in here, but I decided for my sanity to just send it to the store rather than try to recoup money via endless Ebay auctions.
* Started a box in the garage where I can quickly put donations for the thrift store, aka things that need to leave my home immediately.  When the box is full, I'm going to take it to the drop off location.  No more hanging onto stuff for months on end.
* Listed books on Paperback Swap and mailed several (referral link in side bar!).

I need to find an avenue to get rid of some of my nicer vintage clothing (I kept two racks worth of the nice stuff) and I think I'm going to sell my aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel.   Not sure what I'll do with this stuff, but I need to get it figured out soon. That will be the end of the major piles in the house!

Tell me about your decluttering progress!


Danavee said…
Did someone say aluminum Christmas tree??? ACK! THOSE ARE HOT PROPERTY!
I'm not really sure where to sell it, though! Also, should I sell or hoard it??? Ha!!
Danavee said…
You know me. I vote HOARD!

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