Frugal Happenings

* Sent three trash bags of clothes/ shoes/ accessories to the consignment shop.  My friend took them for me, so no gas spent getting there.

* Mowed my own yard.  WHY am I still having to mow in late October??  I saved a bunch of money this year by being too lazy to hire someone to mow it for me.  Sometimes laziness and procrastination can save you money!!  Hee.

* Sold an old textbook on Amazon for ~$65.  I feel oddly attached to that book (no idea why!!) which is why it took me so long to sell it.  It's about the Rorschach ink blot test.  I haven't given a Rorschach in years and won't unless I change my practice significantly, so it was time to go.

* To avoid food waste, I chopped up some soon-to-be-bad strawberries and froze what I could.  I also used overripe bananas to make banana-walnut-chocolate chip bread.  I still struggle with food waste and it's an ongoing battle.

* I have been eating the majority of my meals at home.  I find that if I have a stocked freezer and pantry that I will eat at home, so I try to keep food in the house.  This also means having some junk food in the house, but I figure that junk food purchased at the grocery store is still probably better than junk food from the drive through or a restaurant.

* Attended a meeting and had a free meal at said meeting.  The food at these meetings is never great, but it is free.  The dessert is good, though!

* Attended a seminar for continuing education credits.  It was an inexpensive seminar ($79 for six hours) and my workplace paid for it, which is wonderful!  I'll be attending another seminar in November that will also be reimbursed by work.

* Sent and received several books from Paperback Swap.

* Tried plain cornstarch as an alternative for dry shampoo.  I am unfortunately an oily-scalped gal, so I need dry shampoo for my in-between days (I try to only shampoo every other day).  So far, it seems that plain cornstarch works just as well as the dang ol' expensive dry shampoo.  Yay!

* Figured out a fun DIY Christmas gift idea for my four-year-old nephew.  I am going to attempt to make him super hero finger puppets out of felt.  I've spent ~$2 on felt and have all the colors of thread that I need already.  Fingers crossed that I actually do it and that it turns out well!

* Since quitting my side job and transitioning my main job from hospital to clinic, I have saved a bunch in gas money.  I was having to fill up my gas tank weekly and now it's every two or even three weeks.

* I've been having a hankering for some new fall clothing and picked a few things out of catalogs that I was going to order...but I just couldn't pull the trigger.  Prices are ridiculous and I don't like supporting shady manufacturing practices.  Ugh.  Went to the thrift shop and got the pieces below plus a new long sleeved white t-shirt for ~$12 total.  

How are your frugal happenings?


See I told you something is not right with my gas mileage. Every two weeks.

Something that I am revisiting in my old age are the "old ways" of doing things: vinegar, baking soda etc. I'm not surpised that cornstarch is better than store bought product. I need oil put in my air. :)
Old age- p'shaw!! I WISH I needed to put oil in my hair- avocado oil is good for that. I can get you some if you wanna try it. :)
Marti said…
I too have always thought that junk food from the grocery store beats junk from the drive through. I struggle with food waste too even with my garden produce.

Lately I've been trying to use up odds and ends. If I buy something out of the ordinary for a recipe and don't use it immediately, it tends to migrate to the back of the pantry and breed.
Frugal Scholar said…
I love these lists. Thanks! I keep meaning to keep a list myself, but never do. MUST GET AROUND TO IT.
FS, Please do!! I would love to read it. :)
Danavee said…
Yes, keeping food in the house is the only thing that keeps us from running through a drive-thru. Thank goodness for the occasional frozen burrito night!
Sorry to Marti- your comment got stuck in the spam filter!!

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