Dialing Down: Today I Saved $62.34 On a Prescription

Per usual, this is not an affiliate post and I don't get any compensation for talking about GoodRx.  

I don't take very many prescription medications, and the ones I do take are usually covered well by my insurance.  Except for one.  That one is not covered AT ALL and is expensive, usually $169.99 for a three month supply of the generic.  Since I'm always looking to whittle down my budget, I've been wracking my brain on how to get it cheaper. 

I had heard about GoodRx but figured that it was another useless discount card- after working in a pharmacy for six years, I am well aware that most of these just don't save you money.  I decided to try it out today anyway.  I went to their website, searched for my medication, and printed out the coupon that would make it $107.65 for a three month supply.  I figured that the pharmacy techs wouldn't know what it was or that it just wouldn't work.  Imaging my surprise when there were no questions asked and I suddenly was paying $62.35 LESS for my prescription!!!  That's $20.78 per month that can go to another budget category, and just under $250 per year savings.  Lately it feels as though I am hemorrhaging money, so it's nice to have one day where I save.

I am so PUMPED (as if you can't tell) to be saving money on this medication!  If you have one that is super expensive or not covered by your insurance, I highly recommend searching on their website to see if there is a cheaper option.  Full disclosure- I almost didn't try it out today because I was feeling a little shy and wasn't in the mood for any drama.  I am so glad that I did it anyway.  


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