The NonFrugal Saga of Vintage Chair Recovering: Part Two

And now we resume the saga of having my $40 pair of vintage chairs recovered.  You can find part one here.

In the end, my vintage chairs were only out of the house being recovered for about two weeks.  At the end of those two weeks, the upholsterer emailed me to let me know they were done and attached a grainy iPad photo.  Even from that grainy photo I could tell that they were BEAUTIFUL.

The before:

The after:
Do you like how I never "stage" any photo for you?  I thought about moving the weights but I'm all about keepin' it real around here.  Anyhoo, back to the chair.  ISN'T IT FABULOUS??!!!  The color is a darker gray IRL.  The thing that surprised me the most is how cushy the seats are now- I didn't realize just how worn out the previous seat cushion was.

An across the room shot:
Obviously that T.V. stand has GOT TO GO.  Waiting on the right (vintage) piece.  Funny how changing things up makes everything else look wrong.  

So there you have it!  My gorgeous chairs, recovered beautifully.  

Total cost:
Labor-                    ~$700 (it was something like $707 but I can't remember exactly)
Material-                  $150 (after 60% off sales and coupons)
Original chair cost- $40 for the pair

Definitely not a cheap route, but these are quality chairs that just don't exist in stores that I frequent.  I think there is better quality in pricier stores, but I am definitely priced out of that market.  I'm also glad to be redo-ing something old versus buying new.  


Danavee said…
I LOVE SEEING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!! I'm so glad using L&S worked for you! I swear, they are perfectionists! Those babies are tufted awesomeness!!
I know, they are SO beautiful!!! I think L&S did an even better job than the original construction!! Thanks again for the recommendation. :D
Frugal Scholar said…
Gorgeous--and they will last many more years than new chairs of the same--or even greater--cost.

I just bought something similar and may post about it shortly.
FS- I totally agree. Please do post about it!

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