Buy (Almost) Nothing New 2015 Spending Challenge!!

I love the beginning of a new year!  Sitting down and evaluating what I accomplished in the last year, seeing what I still need to accomplish, and setting goals for the year ahead has always been a task that I really enjoy.  Goal setting is so important.

I've been thinking about doing a spending or buy nothing new challenge for some time, but honestly it has always scared me too much to want to try it.  Well, it's time to conquer my fears and get over it!  Plus it will be good blog material.  Tee hee.  Here is what I am planning:

Buy (Almost) Nothing New Spending Challenge:

* Time length and exceptions- I am aiming to buy nothing new for a period of six months.  Exceptions include shoes, underwear, gifts, toiletries/ food (obviously!), and services (such as haircuts).  There will be times when I need something and cannot find it used.  In those circumstances I will have to purchase new.  In the interest of being reasonable, I will try a time period of six months initially to see if it is a sustainable plan.  

* Regarding toiletries- I do have a LOT of toiletries stockpiled.  I need to use up what I have before I purchase something else.  I am easily distracted by good deals, and I need to use up the "good deals" that are already in my house.  Also- no makeup purchases with the possible exception of foundation.  I have PLENTY of everything else.  Time to use it up!

* Regarding restaurants- I can still eat at restaurants with friends and family.  I do want to stop driving through places when I'm by myself.  I hardly ever do that now since I've been keeping more food in the house, so I don't think it will be a huge problem.

* Gifts and services- I am deliberately allowing the purchase of new gifts and things like haircuts.  I have read a couple of blogs where people did spending challenges and it always annoyed me that they stopped giving gifts to people.  Really?!?  You think being stingy should be part of your financial improvement plan?  No.  And services just need to happen.  I am not cutting my own hair or plumbing my own pipes.  However, I will try to be creative with gifts, possibly making things as I am able or using store credits if I have them.  

You can expect weekly updates from me on how things are going.  Here we go...


Danavee said…
I learned last week that cutting my own bangs was a very bad choice.

This will be fun to hear about! I'm gonna try to work on eating out. We are SO bad about that.
Ms Simple said…
I sometimes do No Spend Months, but I've never attempted anything longer than a month. I'll just be lurking around, eating popcorn. Maybe I'll pull the trigger with you.
Danavee- I hear you. I've tried cutting my own hair before and it only ended well once. I've learned my lesson...for now. ;)

Ms. Simple- Please do lurk around- I am quite sure it will be an interesting six months!!! :)

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