Recent Spends and My First Technical Cheat

* I had my hair cut yesterday from bra-strap length to collar-bone length.  It has been an adjustment but my hair is reacting well to it and I think it's a flattering cut.  Cost: $23 with tip.

* Coming home from the hair cut, my car was almost on empty gasoline-wise.  I slid into the gas station on fumes and filled it up for $20 and change (!!!).  

* I went to the eye doctor today so she could see how the trial contacts fit my eyes and so I could get a prescription for contacts and glasses.  I'll order both online to get a better deal and will also use my FSA dollars for this, so it doesn't feel like any money out of pocket.  I am really near-sighted with astigmatism, so I save a bunch of money ordering the glasses online.  The contacts are near the same price but I do save a few dollars ordering online versus buying in-store.

* I had a few returns to make at a store, which netted me a $39 credit.  I bought face lotion with sunscreen, sports bras, socks, Lemi Shine for the dishwasher, and (here's the cheat!) a face powder/ highlighter that I didn't need.  BUT, it was free with the store credit, so...TECHNICALLY I didn't spend anything on it.  Do you like my rationalization?!

That's it for now.  No other spending has happened lately.  I am really curious to see if I will have more money in savings at the end of this challenge as a result of not spending on stupid stuff.  We shall see!  


Danavee said…
Love these gas prices! I feel like I should stock up! HA! Barrels of gas in the backyard or something.

New to contacts and eyeglasses and am learning that online shopping IS WAY CHEAPER as far as frames go! So many options too!

Online is SO much cheaper!!! It saves me seriously $200 on glasses and about $100 on contacts. So worth it.

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