Spending Challenge Confessions

Day One:

Yesterday was day one of the spending challenge and it was harder than I expected.  I was at home for a good part of the day and was so surprised at how often I thought, "Ooh!  I'll just pop onto Amazon and look up gadget X" or "Maybe I should look at what New Year's deals are on Z website".  WOW. Apparently I needed this spending challenge more than I thought.  The only money I spent was on a matinee ticket to Into the Woods and a popcorn while at the movie, both of which are acceptable to the challenge.  I considered driving through somewhere for a quick dinner as I am very low on groceries but I remembered that I had leftover chili/ cornbread casserole and so I ate that instead.  Win!  

Preparation Confessions:

I knew for about a month in advance that I was likely going to do this challenge.  As a result, I did find myself ordering/ buying a few things in preparation for it.  You know, important things like clothes that I don't need.  In the spirit of truthfulness, here is my last online order at J. Crew Factory placed on 12/27.  I may have a clothes hoarding problem but I am still the Frugal Shrink, so this was all clearance with an additional 40% off.

A sequin tank top.  Where does one wear a sequin tank top?  Most likely to work with a cardigan and pearls.  I mean, wouldn't YOU want to see a psychologist who wears sequins?  I thought so.

 A peplum top.  I am hourglass-y and don't even look that great in peplum tops, but I liked it so I'm gonna wear it.

This henley top but in gray.  Because I do not have enough black and gray clothing (yes, I do).  I debated on ordering the pink but the gray won out in the end.  Probably because of the never-ending gray weather lately.  I like to match the seasons.

Well, that's all for this round of confessions.  See you soon!


Morgan said…
This makes me laugh. I'm doing a spending challenge (no clothing/incidental personal purchases in 2015). I did the same thing, but I bought three sequin tanks. I was sure I would wear one for New Years Eve, but after the stress of the earlier holidays I didn't even leave the house.
Morgan, you clearly have excellent taste if you are buying sequin tanks. I am impressed that you bought three!! Now you have your sequin needs met for 2015. ;)

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