Spending Challenge: Grocery Shopping and Other Updates

The spending challenge is going well!!  Over the past week, I've paid a few bills, went grocery shopping, and went out to lunch with a friend once (permissible according to my rules).  Other than that, no extra spending.

Grocery Shopping:
I did a big shop at Aldi where I spent $86.59.  I had been eating out of the pantry/ freezer for several weeks before Christmas and was out of most of my staples.  It's hard to show everything in one picture but I bought a ton of food.  If you haven't tried shopping at Aldi, you REALLY need to!

I also spent $8.34 at the bread outlet.  I don't eat a ton of bread so I usually just stock up for a few months at a time and freeze some of it.

Close Calls:
* On Tuesday I REALLY wanted to go through a drive thru after work.  I remembered the spending challenge and went home to cook dinner.

* I had extra time after I was done working today, so I had brief thoughts about going through the hospital gift shop to browse and also about going to Walgreens to look around.  It's amazing how often I have thoughts like that!  I went home instead.

* I have picked four subject areas that I want to learn about this year, and forensic anthropology is one of them.  I went to Amazon and looked through the textbooks and selected one that I thought would be informative.  I was going to buy a used older edition when I realized that I should check Paperback Swap first.  Sure enough, the same edition was listed!  I ordered it for free.

* I am out of my favorite lipstick (L'Oreal Colour Riche in Mica, if you're wondering).  I have two similar colors that I am trying to use up before I repurchase Mica.  They are NOT as pretty, but they will do.  


I will try Aldi again. I wish there was one in my town, though. I also wish I could grocery shop a year at a time since I HATE grocery shopping. I wouldn't have to buy groceries at all, if I didn't eat. :)

Great job, especially not answering the call of my favorite vocation--shopping (not for groceries either).

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