Spending Challenge: Vintage Curtain Edition

Hello, blog friends!  No, I am not dead.  I am finding myself completely unmotivated to do anything lately, including blogging.  The February slump, I suppose.  However, I need to update you:

Recent Spending:
1) Flea market (the indoor variety)- $17.74.  I have been looking for just the right curtain to go with my vintage dining set but had been unsuccessful.  There it was, the PERFECT curtain sitting on a hanger for just $3.25.  It's a 1960s Montgomery Ward single panel with pleated top and fits the dining area so well!!  I also bought some vintage decor items at the flea market. P.S. Someday soon I WILL post pics of my dining set.  

2) Lowe's- $21.39.  I bought dirt.  I am angry every time I buy dirt, but it is one million times easier to garden here in raised beds.  I will need to buy more dirt and seeds and garden-y stuff soon.

3) Career/ job stuff- $410.  Hopefully this will be reimbursed by work, but it was all unfortunately necessary.  

4) McDonald's- $13.10 over two trips.  As you know, this is against the spending challenge rules.  I don't even LIKE McDonald's that well and this was poor decision making when I got too hungry between lunch and dinner.  I'm putting snacks in my work bag to stop this.  Lesson learned.

5) DNA Analysis- $108.  Just for fun, and something I had planned prior to the challenge.  I am categorizing this as an "experience" which is permitted but it is definitely unnecessary spending.

Extra Money Earned:
1) ~$25 from cash back programs Ebates and Upromise.  
2) $1.98 (ha!) from clothing consignment.  
All of the above was moved to my "gifts" savings account.

Extra Money From Paychecks:
I've been able to move ~$340 to savings from my regular checks lately, which is unusual as I don't generally have much money left over after paying bills.  I also have had at least $400 other extra dollars to contribute to various needs/ causes.  Obviously I am saving money from watching my spending!! 


Danavee said…
Yahoo for vintage curtains! Cant' wait to see the big furniture reveal!

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