March Spending

Things are moving along quickly with the spending challenge.  And with this year.  How is it already nearly April???  Time to update you on how I did this month:

The Good:

* Gasoline- Spent $49.01 total to fill up my tank twice and I still have about half of a tank left.  My gas spending is WAY down since I no longer travel for my side job.  I think I used to spend around $140-$160 per month.

* Shoes- $192.96 for four pairs of shoes, but I will return $100 worth. I fractured my foot several years ago and am missing a bone, which requires me to wear orthotics most of the time.  It isn't easy for me to purchase shoes, so I usually place an order a couple of times per year on 6pm (Zappos' clearance site) and send back what doesn't work.  I ordered four pairs and two work for me, so I actually spent $92.96 on a pair of sandals and a pair of work shoes that fit my orthotics.  Not exciting, but necessary.

Seeds- $28.81 from Baker Creek.  I'm planning my garden for this year. I will split part of this order with my auntie, so the cost will eventually be less than this.

* Thrift/ Flea Markets/ Estate Sales- $90.58.  This is a huge amount for secondhand shopping and it's rare that I spend this much!!  $45 of this was on an Obelisk upholstery fabric remnant to cover the seats of my dining room chairs.  I also bought the aforementioned $8 cross stitch, a $7 vintage white wicker purse, a $4 pink lace shirt, a $7 print, a .75 print, and a couple of gifts for family members.

* Continuing Education- $230ish, but this will be reimbursed by work.

* Gifts- $137 on gifts not included in the thrift total above.

The Questionable:

* Amazon Video on Demand- $3.98.  I have spent the past four or five months catching up on Bones on Netflix.  I started watching it when I was in grad school and then life took over and I quit watching.  Well, I recently finished the ninth season which ends with a big cliffhanger and I HAD to find out how it ended, which meant spending $1.99 on two episodes of season ten on Amazon.  WORTH IT.  I did get a $1 credit for a song download with this purchase.

* Car Wash- $7.  I could've washed it myself, but, you know, lazy.  My car did need it after the inclement weather and road salt.

* Cat Brush/ Toy- $15.21.  Anything to help my cat with her long fur, but it really was not necessary.

* Marshalls- $13.52 on socks and chocolate.  I am having a hard time finding thick, quality socks.  These were neither and I probably could've waited to find nicer socks.  The chocolate was $2 and unnecessary but delicious.

The Ugly:

* Fast food- $43.26.  WHOA!!!!  Gotta get back on track with this.  I don't have a good excuse.

* Puritan's Pride- $53.94.  Apparently I unintentionally signed up for an auto-send on a supplement that I'm no longer taking.  I will return this, but how annoying that I didn't notice before it shipped.

The Is-It-Cheating-If-I-Had-Coupons:

* Walgreens- Three lipsticks and an eyeshadow brush for .18 after rewards coupon.  I KNOW, I KNOW I am not supposed to be buying makeup, but it was almost free!!!  I am so weak.  If you haven't checked out Wet n Wild makeup lately, you really should.  Their lipsticks and eyeshadows are some of my favorites- this pic does not do them justice.  They go on sale buy one get one half off at Walgreens and CVS, so that's a good time to try them out.

* J.C. Penney- I am also not supposed to be buying new clothing (thrifted is fine) but I wanted a couple of summer shirts and received a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon, meaning I paid $2.13 out of pocket for these two tops.  I mean, it was cheaper than the thrift store!!!!  Anyway.  Failure.  

Over to you- how was your March spending??


Janel said…
Wet n Wild blush is a good buy as well...good price and has a lot of pigment! I think you did very well for March! I laughed at the fast food and chocolate purchase...don't be too hard on! I agree that the J C Penney purchase was better than the thrift store! I admire you a lot!!! Janel in NJ
Thanks for the support, Janel!! Food and chocolate are definitely two of my weaknesses! ;) And I fully agree about how great WnW makeup is- such good stuff for the money. :)

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