Vintage Crewel Collection

I have a thing for vintage crewel work and embroidery.  Can you imagine the hours of work people put into these pieces??  I sure don't have the patience (or talent) for that!! When I find a cute piece that is reasonably priced, I add it to the collection in my guest bedroom.

Flowers, mushrooms, raccoon (!!!):

This was purchased from the original owner/ creator and is probably my favorite:

Funky crewel and my poodles:

This is HUGE.  Like two by three feet huge.  I'm planning to mount it over the bed in the guest room but that hasn't happened yet:

And another pretty favorite:

Anyone else have a crewel collection?


Danavee said…
That last one is my FAVORITE! This is one great collection!
Van said…
That tree is most beautiful of its kind I've seen. Ever. I've bought and sold these over the years but haven't felt compelled to keep a collection of them, as much as I adore each and every one.
Thanks, Van! I agree and think it is a true work of art. :)
YelliKelli said…
My sister and I did crewel kits with my mom when we were kids. One of my favorite memories! Love your collection!
Thanks, YelliKelli! :) I bet that was fun to work on with your family!

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