Frugal Happenings

Per usual, I am not dead, I'm just a bad blogger!  Also a busy one.  I'm trying to start up a small side business, did a bit of travel, had a birthday, discovered that I have arthritis in my hip at the ripe old age of 33, had sclerotherapy, continued with my regular work, and kept on living life.  But let's do a bit of frugal happenings, yes?

* Dropped off a small bag of clothing to the consignment store on my way to another town.  Collected a ~$40 check from them from my last bag drop off.  This place has the absolute WORST customer service in the world but the checks are worth it.

* Visited the dermatologist to have a mole removed and forgot to use my flex account when I paid my copay.  Made sure to submit the $40 copay afterward to my flex account and promptly received a reimbursement check.

* Have been enjoying the asiatic lilies I planted in my front bed three years ago.  The initial investment wasn't expensive, and they've been returning every year despite being planted in a shallow bed.

* Have attended multiple church and neighborhood garage sales and have gotten GREAT deals on clothing.  Also bought a new-to-me hose reel for $4 which has been very useful.  Went to a $2 bag sale at a church in my neighborhood and discovered that I really only wanted a large box of envelopes and a photo album, so I filled the rest of the bag with clothing that I knew I could resell at the clothing consignment shop.  My mom wanted three of the clothing items, so it was a win-win all around and everything ended up being .18 per piece (!!).

* Sold my old garden hose reel on Craigslist for $5.  I had paid $3 for it at a previous church sale.

* Listed a set of three vintage suitcases, a wicker bookcase, and a set of Nancy Drew books on Craigslist.  The suitcases are supposed to be picked up today ($20) and I'm just waiting on the other two items to sell.  Also listed a giant lamp in the free section that was taking up space in my garage and it practically flew out the door.

* Planted two raised beds rather inexpensively.  Received multiple tomato plants for free from my auntie, which are really growing quickly.

* Have worked steadily to increase my productivity (working on getting more referrals from physicians and filling any empty schedule spots) at work, which equals more $ in the long run.  There are definitely seasonal cycles to my schedule, and my spots fill up (and people show up) in the winter more easily than the summer.

* Had a few makeup/ beauty items from CVS that I tried and didn't like.  They offer 100% back on beauty returns, even those items that have been opened.  Received ~$30 back (a couple of expensive items).  While I was there, bought two contact lens solutions using two $3/10 coupons that I had loaded to my card as well as a $3 Extrabuck that I got by downloading their app.  Made for very cheap solution, and I like the app much better than navigating the website!

* Had a $10 reward at Walgreens which I used to buy dish soap, Tums, and toilet paper only.

* Received a free birthday drink at Starbucks and a free birthday meal at Steak n Shake as part of their loyalty programs.  

* Continued doing my own manicures, pedicures, hair removal, hair dye, and skin treatments.  I did pay for my usual $22 haircut (tip included in that price) which was desperately needed!

That's all for now...follow me on Instagram (@thefrugalshrink) for more frequent updates!  


Danavee said…
Love those suitcases!!! They look pristine!
They were pristine! I bought them from the original owner a few years ago and she told me that only the middle suitcase had been used once and the others had never been used. :)

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