Frugal Happenings

More fun in the frugal sun...

* Wanted something sweet, so I made cookies with ingredients I had in the house.  This involved chopping up some dark chocolate bars instead of using chocolate chips- so good!!

* Worked on using up food in the house- made a chili cornbread casserole and hard boiled some eggs for lunches last week.  Also made a pizza and iced tea.

* Went to the grocery store and ONLY purchased what was on my list (!!). Twice.  I knew there were a few food products that I would be buying that were brand name, so I did a quick search online and found $8 of printable coupons to use.

* A couple of years ago, I was given a (new) vacuum cleaner for a gift. I've kept it in the garage waiting for my current vacuum to go kaput.  That time has finally come, and I have a replacement all ready to go.

* Sold a dress, two tops, and an exercise DVD on Ebay.  Listed another exercise DVD for sale as well.  The tops were two new J. Crew Factory items that were final sale and couldn't be returned.  I made a profit on both.  Brands that have sold well for me recently on Ebay include J. Crew, J. Crew Factory, Anthropologie, Born shoes, and any Beach Body exercise videos. 

* Dyed my own hair and did my own pedicure.

* Went to the thrift store with my mom.  Purchased a silk Brooks Brothers sweater for .85 from the sale rack and an aqua glass that matches several others I have for .25.  I didn't have any cash and didn't want to use my debit card for that amount, so my mom paid my whopping $1.10 and refused to let me pay her back. Also, how exciting it is to be able to purchase two wanted, quality items for less than two bucks!

* Haven't made it to the used bookstore yet, so I've continued to declutter books and add to my to be consigned pile.  I will purchase some Christmas gifts with the credit I will receive (used books are socially acceptable as gifts in my family).

* Sorted through my clothing consignment pile and have a large bag of clothing to take to the consignment shop in October.  I could take some now, but I'd rather wait and take everything at that time as they don't accept sweaters or jackets until then.

* Painstakingly went through my Kindle and deleted ~150 books.  Most (maybe all) of them were free, but I was never going to read them.  Now I can better see what I have, and I have quite a few interesting Kindle books to read.  Cheap entertainment.

* Attended a work meeting where a (very good) free meal was provided.  

* Am going to attempt to sew a Spiderman hand puppet out of felt for my nephew's upcoming 5th birthday.  Attempt is the key word here!!

What's new in your frugal world?


Danavee said…
I love reading these updates. I need to gather my fall stuff for consignment too!
Thanks, Danavee! These posts help me stay focused. :)

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