Frugal Happenings

Just a few things this time...

* Delayed grocery shopping by a week (three weeks in between shops instead of two).  There was still food in the house, so I made do with what was here instead of rushing out to buy more.  See, procrastination and laziness DO pay off!!  

* Took two large trash bags full of clothing to the consignment shop.  Last year, a similar amount of clothing netted me ~$100.  Here's hoping for a similar outcome!

* I had holes in the rear of two pairs of dress pants.  While watching a movie, I stitched them up by hand with supplies I already had.

* Received $97 cash back from Upromise, which will go toward Christmas gift shopping.  I have been working on careful Christmas planning and am ~halfway done with shopping.

* Finished booking travel plans for a conference, which will be paid for by my place of employment.

* Finished up several at-home continuing education courses (needed to maintain my professional license), also paid for by my place of employment.

* Received an unexpected bonus from work.  Will likely do a couple of small house repairs with a bit of it and save the rest.  

How are you saving money these days?


Danavee said…
I've got a consignment appt this week! Other than that, I'm trying to lay off the thrifting. My stash overflows!
Yay for consignment!!! And I completely understand the stash overflowing- it's so easy for that to happen.
kathleen said…
Took a huge bag of clothes and a brown grocery bag full of shoes. They took 1 coat and 1 pair of shoes. Bummed! It was good stuff! I donated it all to the SPCA Thrift Store.
Almost finished holiday shopping for 3 kids (not related). Found a ton of things on sale. I will finish up this week.
Put off grocery shopping and it totally paid off! Taking care of friends dog and they gave me ALOT of organic fruits and veggies and a loaf of sprouted grain bread. That saves me a lot of money!
Rolled my coins, $110. Wow, change adds up! That's going in my savings!!!!
Thank you for a blog that reminds me to think before I purchase and to keep it simple!
Nicely done, Kathleen!!! Awesome job on saving/ making money. :) Thanks for reading!
Janel said…
I am in awe of how disciplined you are! Wow, $97 from Upromise is great...excellent that you are half way finished with Christmas!Ha...procrastination is my middle name! I'm just trying to stick to our budget and not use our credit card...I find it difficult, but I can do it if I put my mind to it! Thanks for sharing an update! Janel in NJ
Thanks, Janel! It's funny- I really don't think of myself as being very disciplined, but frugality has definitely become an ingrained habit. I hear you on the procrastination, and good luck on your Christmas budget!! :)

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