That Time I Hand-Stitched a Spiderman Hand Puppet

I am not a very crafty person, but occasionally I get a wild hair to make something, usually a gift, which usually ends in epic failure.

Last Christmas, I had the bright idea to make my young nephew a set of super hero finger puppets.  My mom and I had a "craft day" where she zoomed through sewing several beautiful Barbie dresses for my niece and I struggled to make part of one Superman finger puppet.  For four hours.

I gave up and bought him something for Christmas.

However, I got one of those wild hairs again in August.  My nephew was turning five, and I was feeling both crafty AND frugal.  Sometimes a great combo, oftentimes a disastrous combo.  I had a bunch of felt leftover from the failed finger puppets, so I thought why not try a hand puppet?  Surely that would be easier!

This time it turned out well.

 Standing up on an upside down glass to show his full glory.

In my usual procrastinating manner, I started on a Wednesday or Thursday night (can't remember which) and finished on Sunday.  The birthday party was Sunday afternoon.  I eyeballed the entire thing, so I don't have any recommendation for patterns.  Just know that if I can do it, you can, too.

I'm planning on making Batman for Christmas.  Hopefully it will go as well as this one did!


kathleen said…
Adorable! Can't wait to see Batman! You are going to have one happy nephew on Christmas morning!
Thanks, Kathleen!! :) If Batman turns out well I will definitely post it!
Danavee said…
It's CUTE! You did a great job!

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