Frugal and Decluttering Happenings

I've had a lot of expenses lately, but as always it's nice to focus on the frugal things that have been happening...

* Took two large trash bags of clothing to the consignment store.  Will receive checks for this in the coming months.

* Took a large bag of books to the used bookstore.  They only took a small stack, but I received close to $50 in credit!

* Had to pick up a prescription that was the odd price of $5.05.  Remembered that I had $5.50 left in my flex account so I used that.

* Went to a meeting where I had a free meal.  Rode with colleagues so I didn't even spend any gas money.  Attending these meetings is one of the markers we have to complete to get a bonus each fall, so I suppose this is also a way of earning money over time. 

* Cleaned out a stash of greeting cards that I had received and found a $50 bill (!!!) in one of my master's degree graduation cards.  I think this was because certain family members acted badly at my master's graduation and I was angry enough to leave the money in the card and toss it aside.  I'm happy to have it nine years later, though!  And if you're reading this blog, you are not the acting out family member(s).  :P

* Was recommended by a GI doc a product called IBGard to see if it would help with some ongoing digestive issues that I have.  It is an over the counter supplement, so I was able to use a 25% off any purchase coupon at CVS to save ~$7.  It does seem to be helping.

* Went to a conference in Dallas that was mostly paid for by work. I carefully kept receipts and should be reimbursed another $200+.  There was a vendor expo and I only took free stuff that I could give to my patients (various website info, stress balls, notebooks).  I kept one notebook, two pens, and a small flashlight that attaches to my key chain.  No point in hoarding that stuff!

* I cross-listed three items on Craigslist AND on Ebay (exercise DVDs and an aluminum Christmas tree) in hopes that they will sell on one of the sites.  

* The power cord on my MacBook was splitting, so my wonderful mom patched it with electrical tape.  I'll have to replace it eventually, but the internal wires were fine so this delays that purchase for a while. 

* Listened to a Christmas album (I know, I know) on YouTube rather than purchasing it.  I NEVER want to listen to Christmas music this early, but for some reason I do this year.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??  Anyway.  Free.

* I'm 95% done with Christmas shopping.  This was mostly completed with cash back received from my credit card.  Nearly free!

* Decluttering- I had a pile of stuff in my garage that needed to go.  I usually take this stuff to the thrift store to donate it, but instead I listed it on Craigslist on a Saturday morning.  It was picked up by 1pm.  I also listed a dozen egg cartons and a guy with chickens came to pick them up.  Yay for clearing out stuff!!

What frugal things and decluttering have you been up to??


Danavee said…
I love these posts. Now I'm off to Craigslist to look for your aluminum tree. (I'm not even kidding.)
It keeps me motivated!! And I just sold the tree tonight...I didn't think about asking if you wanted it! It was kind of oddly shaped anyway. I've seen several listings on Craigslist the past week or so if you're in the market for one. :)
Linda said…
I love to organize and declutter. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Great post, thank you so much for sharing.
Me, too, Linda!! Thanks for reading!

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