Selling Stuff and a Thanks!

I'm on another decluttering rampage and am listing items on Ebay and Craigslist.  Last week, I sold over $100 of stuff- very exciting!

Here's what I sold:
*Aluminum Christmas tree
*Turbo Fire exercise DVDs (any of the Beach Body DVDs seem to sell well on Ebay)
*Small glitter Christmas tree 
*New with tags Pottery Barn throw that had been sitting in my gift tub for two years

Here's what I still have listed:
*Another exercise DVD
*Christmas decorations 
And I'm getting ready to list a set of two new in package dental guards.

Love it when I can get rid of stuff and earn a little money at the same time!!  Anyone else selling stuff right now?

A big THANKS to whoever signed up for Ebates with my referral link- I received $5 from this.  Thanks much!


Danavee said…
GO YOU! Are the still-listed Christmas decorations vintage Shiny Brites by any chance?
Thanks!! No, it's all newer stuff. I will let you know if I get rid of any more vintage!! :D
kathleen said…
For the first time ever I am going to SELL stuff! I always donate, which probably makes me hold on to things longer, even though I know I don't really want or need it. I've been vegan about 4 years. It's time to get rid of blankets, pillows and rugs made from wool and silk. It's hard, but time!!
Where's Batman?!
Nice, Kathleen!! Keep me posted on how the selling goes. :) I am a huge procrastinator, so look for Batman somewhere around December 20th. Ha ha!!! ;)

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