Frugal Happenings

This is the first Frugal Happenings post of 2016!  Here we go...

* Had my windshield replaced on Friday.  This was not frugal, but I budgeted $200 and the total came in around $186.  I'll make a conscious effort to kick the extra $14 over to my savings account (every dollar counts!).

* This afternoon I bleached my teeth, dyed my hair, plucked my eyebrows, and did a chemical peel on my face and neck.  All of this can be done much more inexpensively at home versus at a salon or spa.

* I ate all meals at or from home this week with the exception of a salad at work on Wednesday.

* I visited the Dollar Tree on Friday to stock up on birthday cards for this year (2/$1).

* I sold several things (exercise video, organizer, a box of the supplement Sam-E, dental guards) for  ~$90 before fees.  Woo hoo!!

* I took four books to the used bookstore and they accepted three for credit and told me to bring the fourth back later and they would probably take it then.  I currently have $40+ in credit there which I use for gifts or for my own personal book hoard collection.

* I've been exercising at home for free.  I'm still enjoying the various Leslie Sansone walks available on YouTube. 

* I'm continuing to declutter and get rid of stuff.  I have enough to either have a small garage sale (NO) or to get a small booth at a local flea market.  I'm going to call one of the flea markets this week and see how much a booth rental would be.  I've had a booth at an antiques store before, but this would be different in that you can sell pretty much anything you want at a flea market.  I would take some vintage from my personal collection that I'm looking to offload as well as general housewares and contemporary clothing that needs to be gotten rid of.  I'll keep you posted!

* I ordered my yearly supply of Zyrtec from Costco online.  We don't have a Costco nearby and I am not a member, but even with the non-member fee + tax the year supply ends up being less than $18 delivered to my door.  

* I used MyPoints points to get a $10 Amazon card that I used to lower the cost of a gift I was purchasing.

* I applied for a side job to have more $ to save toward land/ new house.  I apply for a lot of these virtual positions and never get them, but who knows- this may be the lucky time!

Hope you are having a happy and frugal New Year!!!


Danavee said…
Ohhhh a new booth!?!?! Yes, please keep me posted! FUN!

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