The Frugal Shrink's 2016 Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!!  There is something about a new year that I just love- probably the possibility of a fresh start and the ability to work on changing whatever you didn't like about the previous year. For 2016, I am focusing on four goals.  I've written these down on card stock and taped them to my bedroom wall so that I can see them daily.

1) Exercise- Lift weights twice per week and walk one mile per day.  I got a barbell for Christmas, already had free weights, and I've purchased a leg machine because my knees no longer allow squats.  For the one mile walk, I will walk outside, inside, or do one of the Leslie Sansone one mile walks that are on YouTube.  I've been doing the Leslie Sansone for the past few days and really like it.  I want to develop strength and also commit to daily activity.

2) YouTube- I'm going to start a YouTube channel where I talk about shrink-y things and also frugality!  First, I have to figure out a camera set up, though- if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.  I will be sure to link you when it's up and running.

3) Novel- I've had an idea for a mystery novel for years and would like to actually get it down on paper.  I have no delusions of grandeur about publishing it, and what I've written so far is pretty terrible BUT I think this is a good exercise in commitment and in doing something that does not come easily for me.

4) House/ Land- I am saving to buy land (hopefully ~10 acres) and to build a small house on the acreage.  I have a small house that I will sell when this comes to fruition.  Right now I'm saving all extra funds and continuing to sell stuff.  I really need to find a side job to speed up the process...we'll see how that goes. My bills are also already pretty low but I'm sure there's something in there I can reduce!!

Over to you- what are your goals for the new year??  Feel free to link if you've written about them on your blog.


Danavee said…
I wanna watch your channel and read your book!!!!!!!!!

Simplify and purge over here!
Watch the channel- definitely! Read the book- I don't know if I should put anyone through that!! ;) I am SO proud of you and your new booth- I hope 2016 is an awesome sales year!!
Liz said…
Wow! Great goals, specifically you planning to buy land and writing your novel. Mine also include exercising and working on me
Thanks, Liz!! Good luck to you on your goals and Happy New Year!! :D

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