Frugal Happenings

Happy Monday!  Here's some of what I've been up to lately:

*Took a large load of merchandise to the flea market booth.  I did another tally the other day, and my checks have totaled $446 for about three months of sales (and I'll get another check on Thursday!).  This is solely from my mom's castoffs and my castoffs- I haven't purchased merchandise for the booth as of yet.  It is a lot of work but also so much fun!!

*Had a quick mostly clothing yard sale that netted $84.

*Had clothes leftover from the yard sale, and took a garbage bag full to the consignment shop this past weekend.  I'll get checks in the coming months from this- I estimate between $40 and $50 total.

*Took a bag of books to the used bookstore for a total of $46 in credit.

*Had Starbucks (breakfast sandwich + drink) with a gift card and paid .19 out of pocket.

*Am planning on taking the contents of my change jar to a Coinstar machine this week where I will cash it out for a movie theater gift card.

*Am having my kitchen tiled in June (~$700) and so of course I then promptly found out that I need ~$750 in car repairs.  I could've delayed the repairs or spaced them out, but I'd rather get it over with. Still cheaper than buying new, and I'm going to tighten the belt and cash flow these amounts from my paychecks rather than taking money from savings.  I realize that I am extremely fortunate to be able to do this.

*I will pay both of the above amounts with my credit card, which will net me some cash back.  Of course, I pay my credit card off every month (actually twice a month) and never carry a balance.

*Took the week off from work but am going to do a "staycation" rather than going anywhere.  I do have a list of fun (and inexpensive) things to do this week.  My birthday is on Saturday, so I'm also going to be using up my birthday freebie coupons this week and next.  I will be posting pics on Instagram of some of my freebie fun.

*I have a couple of things to list on Ebay which I have been procrastinating...ugh.  Maybe I will list these and make some money???

*Received a coupon from a local grocery store/ pharmacy for a $20 gift card with a prescription transfer.  I will be using this in the next couple of weeks. 

*Made sure to get caught up on all of my paperwork yesterday so that I don't have to think about work and can relax this week.  This is frugal because I don't get paid if my paperwork isn't filed!!  

Off to you, reader- what frugal things have you been up to?


Danavee said…
I love saving up change and guessing how much it'll add up to! You should post a pic of your jar and have us guess!!!!

Our big annual garage sale is this coming weekend. Better get to purging and pricing.
That would be fun!! I hope you sell LOTS of stuff at the garage sale!!
Janel said…
I enjoy reading your blog are so motivating!!! Isn't that always the way when you need to spend money on one thing (your kitchen)then something else pops up (your car)...that happens to us as well! My husband and I are homebodies...we love staycations!!! Enjoy! ...and have a wonderful birthday!!! Janel in NJ
Thank you, Janel!! It ALWAYS happens that way- spend some money and then something else will break. I actually thought to myself "Hmm, I wonder what will break now?" when I went to the tile store. Hee hee. I love travel but it is also wonderful being at home for a week. Thanks for reading!!

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