Frugal Happenings

Yay frugal happenings!!  It has been an expensive month with having my kitchen floor tiled, getting car repairs done, and fixing the hard drive on my computer, so it's nice to think about the frugal things instead of all the money leaving my bank account.

* Received a $64 check from the booth (they pay out twice per month).  I'm also expecting a check or two from clothing consignment soon.

* Sanded a light rust spot off of my car and will prime and paint it the spot soon.  My car is white, so color-matching paint isn't a problem. I bought my car in 2005 when I was still in grad school and I'm curious to see how long it will hold on.  Every year that it keeps chugging along saves me money!!

* Went to visit friends near St. Louis which was very fun! They paid for all of my meals despite my protests and I also stayed at their house, so it was a pretty frugal trip.  My expenses were just the cost of gasoline and they did allow me to buy a treat (cookies) for everyone.  

* Needed a few summer tops (both casual and work) and have had great luck lately at yard sales, particularly a couple of church sales.  At one church sale the lady working the cash box even charged me a dollar less for a top that I was buying because she felt it was priced too high at $2.  I also checked out the new Goodwill in town for the first time and purchased four tops and one jacket/ blazer for $14.50.  What can I say, I like clothes and I can always make my money back in resale!

* My mom brought me several more things to sell in my booth or at consignment.  She refuses any part of the profit but likes to support me.  Thanks, Mums!!

* I came to a screeching halt while driving this morning for a vintage aqua Samsonite suitcase that was in a free pile in front of someone's house.  It needed a good cleaning and is definitely used, but I washed it up and will put it in the booth.  I also washed up a couple of other items that I was planning to sell that had been sitting in the garage and needed a good blast from the garden hose.

* I've started buying merchandise for the booth, but have only spent $14 so far for the following: two vintage metal TV trays ($1 for both), a funky short bookshelf ($5), three paper bags full of merchandise at a church yard sale ($2 each) and a huge box of new greeting cards ($2).  Last night I started to divide up the greeting cards and so far I have twenty bags of assorted birthday cards that I will sell for $1.50 per bag.  That means that the box of cards that was $2 could possibly turn into $30, and I still have more to sort and bag.

* I also saved some of the birthday cards for my greeting card box, which will save money even from my usual Dollar Tree prices (2/$1).

* Speaking of the Dollar Tree, I went there to stock up on a few supplies like toothpaste and Benadryl that are much cheaper there than anywhere else (I'm not much into couponing these days).

* I have already prepped my lunches for work this week.  Last week my kitchen was a disaster from tiling, so I had to eat lunch from the work cafeteria.  I'm glad to have my kitchen back!

* I used a few birthday coupons for freebies, like the free Fresh mini cleanser and mask set at Sephora.  One birthday coupon was for $3 off any purchase at CVS which I used for a huge jug of unscented laundry detergent.  The coupon made it less than $2.

* I may have found a side gig or two...we'll see when/if things actually get going.  This would help a LOT with speeding up my house/ land savings and of course for the inevitable car replacement.

What frugal things have you been up to??


Danavee said…
I'd stop for a vintage AQUA Samsonite too! AND WHERE IS A NEW GOODWILL!?!?!?! I didn't KNOW THIS!
I know, right?? The new Goodwill is on West Bypass near Chestnut (near Price Cutter and kind of in front of Ace Hardware). I didn't see much vintage but it is huge and so nice!! They are also putting in another new Goodwill near Kansas and Battlefield in the fall. :)

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