Frugal Adventures

* Practiced the "use it up" principle with technology by installing Word for Mac 2008 on my computer.  I purchased this program in 2008 when I bought my first laptop and it had three licenses.  I added one to the original computer, my mom used one, and I just installed the last on my current computer.  I had previously downloaded free Open Office onto this computer but the hard drive crashed a month ago requiring everything to be reinstalled, so I figured why not use what I have?

* Sold my old TV stand (a painted cedar bench with drawers) for $20 the day after I listed it on Craigslist.  I paid $5 for it about ten years ago and it has served me well.  I purchased a small midcentury credenza to replace it which was not frugal but I love it so much (there's a pic on Instagram if you're curious)!

* Most recent booth check was ~$55.  I added it to my savings account.

* Listed five items for sale on Ebay (NWT dress, vintage sewing patterns, vintage leopard set, Turbo Fire booklet, J. Crew Factory lot).  The dress sold yesterday for $30.

* Froze some bananas and strawberries that were starting to go off.  I'll use them in smoothies later.

* Have been mostly eating and cooking from home.  It helps when I keep a well stocked fridge/ pantry.

* Switched over to Google's Project Fi phone plan.  This should be a savings of ~$8 per month, maybe more depending on my data use.  I'm really liking it so far!

* Reduced my internet service costs by $7 per month and have much quicker speed with my current package.

* Returned to the store a new in package item that my mom gave me to sell- received $5 and change from the return (approved it with Mums first, of course).  Used that money coupled with a $50 gift card to buy needed items like round-the-house clothes, some workout clothing, and socks.

* Had $15 rewards on one credit card which I applied to my bill.  Received a $12 check in rewards from another CC which I deposited to my savings account.  (I put most purchases and bills on credit cards to get rewards and pay the cards off twice monthly.)

* Cleaned out a spare room (mostly paper filing and some craft items).  This resulted in a large bag of trash leaving the house and finding multiple items which will be sold in the booth.

* Cleaned out my costume jewelry and found a few necklaces that I'm not wearing and that can be sold. 

* Hit up a tiny estate sale today and purchased a small metal box for $1 and a huge painting for $2, both of which I will put in my booth next week to sell. 

* I've wanted to hit up the used book store several times in the past few weeks, but I still have a medium-sized to-be-read pile at home so I am working my way through the pile instead.  Restraint!

* My living room television is a large tube TV which I have held off on replacing because it works with no problems. However, I didn't want to damage my vintage credenza with the weight of it and, if I'm honest, it looked pretty hideous on the beautiful credenza!  Decided to move my tiny flat screen TV from my bedroom into the living room until I decide to purchase a bigger one.  Delaying purchases sometimes means saving money.

* I'm reusing a gift bag to package a gift for a birthday party this weekend.

* Signed up for two free magazine subscriptions (Dwell and Modern Farmer) that I will read and then sell in the booth.  I used points from RecycleBank to get these.

What kinds of frugal adventures have you been up to?


Danavee said…
Love the credenza! Sometimes you MUST treat yourself!
Thanks, Danavee! And I agree- I like doing frugal stuff because it means I can afford the midcentury furniture when it pops up. ;)

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