Frugal Adventures

* Used up enough Mac Cosmetics products to have six empty containers to trade into the Back to Mac program.  This means I got a free lipstick!  I've been using this program for the last fourteen years and it takes me forever to empty products.  I think I've gotten three freebies in that time span. However, it is really fun when I know that it's time for a freebie!

* Have continued to use up groceries rather than hit up the drive thru or restaurants.  I am due for a grocery shop this week, though.

* Disinfected several contact lens cases by soaking them in very hot water.

* I'm tracking calories via My Fitness Pal, which is a free app.  I'm eating less these days, which I'm sure is also saving me money.

* The Turbo Fire booklet that I listed on Ebay sold for ~$8 (!!!).  I had to pay shipping out of that, but it was inexpensive, resulting in a four dollar and change profit on something that would've otherwise gone in the trash.

* Had a haircut on Friday for a grand total of $23 including tip.  I cut several inches off this time rather than just getting a trim.

* Dyed my own hair on Thursday, which is a pain in the butt but it looks nice and saves $$$.

* Asked my mom if she would mind altering two pairs of my dress pants which had really wide legs. She is an excellent seamstress and fixed them for me.  Thanks, Mums!

* Compared prices on Kirkland brand Glucosamine on both the Amazon and Costco websites.  Even with the service charge (I'm not a member), Costco charged $1.50 less, so I ordered from them.

* Last month I converted the contents of my change jar into a movie theater gift certificate at a CoinStar machine.  Will use this tomorrow to pay for two movie tickets. 


Danavee said…
I love these posts of yours.

I bought groceries today, and told the mister "NO TAKEOUT THIS WEEK!" I tried to meal plan so that ingredients could be used in multiple recipes. We shall see.

Thanks, Danavee- listing out the frugal stuff that I do keeps me motivated!! Nice job on the meal planning!! It's one of my least favorite things to do but a great way to save. :)

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