Frugal Adventures

* Ordered a trial size container of Weleda Skin Food (moisturizer) for free with Recycle Bank points. My forehead is Sahara-dry and this seems to be helping.

* Reheated leftovers instead of ordering food.

* Walgreens was offering a free 8x10 photo.  They do this periodically, and I had an inspirational quote printable ready to upload and print.  If you search for "free printables" or "free printable inspirational" you will find lots of options.  I keep a few ready to go for moments like this!

* Mailed the ZZZQuil rebate using an envelope that I bought in a big batch second-hand.

* Mailed a birthday card to a friend.  It was part of a huge boxful for that I purchased for $2 (most of which are in my booth for sale right now).

* Found free after rebate forms for a free shampoo or conditioner and for free cat litter.  The free shampoo brand (Schwartzkopf) also has a $2 instant rebate on Upromise if you buy at CVS.  I already purchased the shampoo (well, conditioner actually) and mailed off the rebate.

* Sold my unused GMAT study book for $18.

* Sold a J. Crew Factory top for $12.  I think I originally paid $15 for it.

* Used the plastic bag that held toilet paper rolls to line the trash can in the bathroom (this is high level tightwaddery!).

* Tried Sling TV using the free trial to watch some of the Olympics.  I wasn't impressed so I cancelled before the free trial ended.

* Received the previously mentioned credit on my cell phone bill because I didn't use all of my alloted data.

* Took a load of books to the used bookstore and received ~$12 of credit.  Combined this with previous credit to purchase a few books for Christmas presents.

* Mailed a couple of small old silver serving pieces and a tiny amount of gold jewelry to a refinery and received a $300 check in return!!!!!!!!  I'll write a full post on this later.

* Received a rebate from purchasing reams of paper from Staples on one of those annoying Visa gift cards.  When I get those, I simply go to the Amazon website and purchase a gift card for the amount of the Visa gift card.  I used this one to buy a few Christmas gifts.  I also still had a $5 promotion coupon in my account so that went toward the purchase as well.

* Took another load of merchandise to my flea market booth and picked up a $28 check while I was there.

Over to you- what have you been doing to save or make money?


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