Dacyczyn Interviews: Jamie Part 1

The Dacyczyn daughters interviews have been moved to my current website. Here is the first part of Jamie's interview.


Ruthie said…
This is awesome! The Tightwad Gazette made such an impact on my life when I found it right before I got married in 2003. I always thought it was interesting that at the time of the writing I was actually closer to the age of the kids (I was born in '83) than the age of the author.

Thanks for finding this special family. The interview is really well written and I can't wait for future pieces!

Rhonda said…
Amy D. was a big influence for me too back in the 90s. How fun to read about her daughter. Thank you.
Julia said…
First time at this blog. Loved the interview! Great idea!

Paula said…
Thank you for this update! I was a TG subscriber from 1993 until the swan song edition. I re-read the books every so often when I need a 'reality' check. This interview with Jamie is great! I am looking forward to reading the follow ups!
Arlee Bird said…
Outstanding interview. Real life hits home when we start paying our own bills. My daughters were never deprived, but we did live a pretty frugal life. They don't seem to be unhappy about their upbringing and now I see them being fairly careful about their own households.

It's good to hear this story of the outcome of one who grew up in a frugal household. There was wisdom and realistic perspective in this family.

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out
I'm so glad you are all enjoying the interview thus far! I found all three of the ladies to be intelligent, thoughtful, and gracious.
Annie Logue said…
I just found this today - it is wonderful! It is so nice to hear how these kids turned out, as I feel like I know them from The Tightwad Gazette.
Unknown said…
I still have all of Amy's original newsletters in binders. I gobbled up all of her advice like a starved person! I still miss Amy D!

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