Dacyczyn Interviews: Laura

The Dacyczyn daughters interviews have been moved to my current website. Here is Laura's interview.


AKM said…
Thank you so much for these interviews! I always wondered about the Dacyczyn children now that they are adults. The girls sound so intelligent, mature, and grounded, which isn't surprising. Amy is such a hero of mine, and I STILL thumb through my copies of all three books and love them.
Debbie said…
Thank you for your stories. Dacyczyn girls have grown up to be mature grounded women. This shows frugality is a lifestyle that works regardless of what is happening in the economy and can allow us to weather any economic storm.
Nikki said…
Thank you for posting these! I loved reading these books and have often wondered how the family is doing. Do you plan to interview the other family members? I'd love to see photos of them too!
Glad you all enjoyed the interviews!

AKM- I still read my copy, too. :)

Nikki- No, this was the extent of my interviews. I didn't want to infringe too much on their privacy so I didn't ask for photos. At the end of the day, I am much more touchy-feely shrink than hard-hitting journalist. ;)
Paula said…
The interviews were first rate! Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to these lovely young women!

It seems that these women are not only money savvy, but they are well adjusted in terms of the so-called old fashioned virtues of modesty, gratitude, and patience. Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. D for not only their frugal ways which they generously shared with the rest of us, but for raising such well-adjusted children who I am sure are contributing to society in very meaningful ways!
jengod said…
These were all great. Thanks so much for the interviews and the insight. I'm re-reading TWGazette right now and it's fun to have the retrospective view as well.
de said…
I love these interviews. I have often wished that one of Amy's children would blog or YouTube some updates and rehashes of the Tightwad Gazette's philosophy and methods.

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