Frugal Happenings

                       Random photo from when I was in Florida in November.  Much better view than the snow outside my window right now!

* Received $5 back from Ebates.  I use Upromise more than Ebates now, so it took a while to get to the $5 cash-out minimum.

* Requested that the $30+ in my Upromise account be sent to me via check.

* Received a $12.99 check in the mail from a rebate.  

* Organized and cleaned out my clothes closet.  I'll sell the cleaned out items at a consignment shop, and a few things will go on Ebay.  Listened to Judy Garland Live From Carnegie Hall (1961) on vinyl while I did this, making it way more fun than your average closet cleaning adventure.

* Enjoyed a copy of Dwell magazine.  The subscription was free using Recycle Bank points.

* Made some homemade laundry soap.

* Finally bought a dang dishwasher.  Now, this wasn't frugal in itself, but I did find a $50 coupon to use online, received $12 back to my Upromise account for clicking through their link, and will get another $12 Upromise bonus from using my credit card.  At least I saved a little bit!

* Photographed a J. Crew coat so that I can put it up for sale on Ebay.  I have been procrastinating this task, but J. Crew always sells well on there.

* Thought about going to J.C. Penney yesterday to use a $10/$25 coupon and to snag some of their clearance deals (I also needed to return a pair of pants).  Decided not to get out in the cold, snowy weather.  Based on today's closet cleaning adventure, it was a good thing that I didn't buy any more clothes.  Good grief.

* Organized my Paperback Swap list.  Took some books off that had been lingering for a couple of years (will donate them).  Listed 18 more books, 12 of which already were on people's wishlists.  Woo hoo!

* Bought a gift for a friend whose birthday is in May- it was deeply discounted and something she will love.

* Started making a gift for a friend whose birthday is in March.  


Danavee said…
I laughed out LOUD at "dang dishwasher". HA! We had a "dang dishwasher" situation too.......but after online research, the mister fixed it for $25!!!!!!!!!! Versus an $80 plumber visit!!!!

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