More DIY Gift Ideas (That People Might Actually Want)

It's that time of year again when I contemplate DIY gift ideas for Christmas that I never actually make.  I am going to try to motivate myself to actually DO some of this stuff this year.  I have already made a big batch of lip balms that turned out well, so I feel very pleased with myself so far!

And now, more links to interesting DIY gift ideas: 

Framed Purse Tutorial

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes 

Upstyler (a bunch of cute ideas here)

Note Cards 

DIY Wall Art With Quotes

Shampoo Bars

Upcycled Scarflette

DIY Bath Bombs

Itch-Free Shrunken Wooly Hat

Snowy Day Hat Pattern

Whipped Body Butter

And here's another list I made last year.  Enjoy!!


Danavee said…
What ingredients did you use for the lip balm!?!
Danavee, my next post will be about the lipbalms and I'll link you to the recipe!

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