Dribs and Drabs

I have been a terrible blogger lately!  A combination of busy-ness and the winter blahs have made me quite unproductive as of late.  

BUT, I remain your ever-faithful Frugal Shrink who has been doing little bits of things to save or make money lately.  Such as...

* Sold the previously mentioned bar stools for $40 on Craigslist after a month of being listed.

* Sold the previously mentioned J. Crew coat for $80 (minus fees and shipping) on Ebay.

* Completed a health risk assessment at work which will net me $70 (before taxes) on a January paycheck.  Seriously, seventy bucks just to click through some answers and because I don't smoke.

* Received two checks totaling ~$80 from the bags I sent to the consignment store.  Woo hoo!!

* Submitted two receipts to insurance that should give me a $200 reimbursement for going to preventative care visits.

* Saved $62 on a prescription by using a coupon.

* Went through my books and found a small bag-full to take to the local used bookstore for credit.

* Signed up for a credit card to get a $90 Amazon gift card.  I used the gift card for Christmas shopping and will cancel the credit card.  (Note:  You wouldn't want to do this if you're buying a house soon or doing anything in the next couple of months that will require having your credit checked.  I'm not, and my credit is good enough that I don't frankly care about things like this affecting it.)

There are still some items around the house that need to be sold, but I think I've done pretty well given how unmotivated I feel!  These dribs and drabs sure do help a lot in the holiday months when it seems as though money is leaking out of your wallet.


Danavee said…
Blogging: can't seem to type up a new post!

Used books: where do you go!?!! I have so many laying around! I love this idea!
Danavee- YES to the blogging issue!! I go to Hooked on Books on Campbell. I'm not sure what they are accepting for trade right now but they are usually willing to go through your books and see if there's anything they need.
Danavee said…
I've also thought about exchanging mine at those "little free libraries" here in town!

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