Another Frugal Labor Day Weekend

It is another frugal Labor Day weekend here at the Frugal Shrink casa.  I haven't done much this weekend, but I have been busy with a few frugal tasks yesterday afternoon and today:

* Cleaned and conditioned several pairs of leather shoes.
* Rented three Redbox movies, one of which was free with a code.
* Completed a slew of food prep- made quinoa salad, cheese stuffed pasta, egg salad, and twice baked potatoes.  You can always tell when I'm low on groceries because I start cooking when this happens!!
* Completed my own pedicure.
* Did several loads of laundry with homemade detergent.  Used the dryer on the towels/ 'round the house stuff, but hung my "good" clothes to dry. 
* Applied for a couple of online side gigs (teaching and records review). 

In other non-frugal news, I am in the process of signing up for violin lessons!!!!!!!!  I think that might require a few more exclamation marks:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is one of those "I'm frugal so that I can do X" types of things.  I've never so much as picked up a violin, but I am excited to learn.  I used to play flute and tenor saxophone, but it's been 15+ years since I've done so.  

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!


Danavee said…
OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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