Frugal Happenings

Time for some frugal happenings!!  I am saving for a future land purchase so I'm trying to be more frugal than ever this year- every penny matters!  

* Traded in some DVDs that I'm not using to Amazon for a gift card worth $9 and change.

* Have reduced my spending and am carefully planning most purchases.  This has resulted in having a couple hundred more dollars for savings each month.

* Needed a gift card to a certain store, so I purchased a discounted version (~17% savings) from  Also found a 5% coupon code to use from Retail Me Not, resulting in a significant combined discount.

* Have been mostly eating from home- having lots of tasty food in the house motivates me to not hit the drive thru.  I do still eat out with friends/ family, but am trying not to out of laziness or boredom.

* Finally went and rented a booth at a local flea market (more about this later).  I have TONS of stuff from my own personal stash and that was given to me to sell.  I'm pricing things low and hoping to move lots of volume!!  Decluttering AND money-making win (hopefully).

* Listed a huge vintage crewel work on Craigslist.  Up next for listing- a vintage leopard print jacket set will go on Ebay.

* Miraculously received a refund from taxes- this was mostly due to me paying ~5K in mortgage interest last year (!!!).  I was so surprised to get a refund!  I moved it over to savings once it landed in my bank account.

* Ordered a year's supply of contact lenses discounted from Contact Lens King and the cheapest glasses I've ever had from Zenni Optical.  I have really, REALLY poor vision, so my prescriptions are generally $$$; however, my Zenni glasses were under $100 total which is a first for me.  Here's hoping they will fit my big head.  Hee hee!!  I clicked through My Points before I made the purchase (earning points for free gift cards) and also used my flex account to make the purchase, so it feels like no money out of pocket.

That's all for now...tell me about your frugal happenings!

-As a side note- I finally purchased a video camera and will start practicing making videos soon.  I'll let you know when The Frugal Shrink channel is up and running on YouTube.-


Danavee said…
EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! I can't wait to read about your new booth!!!!!
Thanks, Danavee!! I am excited to see how it goes!! :D

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