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Long time, no post!!  I do so well with blogging for a few weeks and then seemingly drop off the face of the Earth. I have quite a bit going on in my personal life (mostly good or neutral things, not bad stuff) which always impacts my focus.

* Dropped off two garbage bags of fall/winter clothing to the consignment shop. Some of the items are my mom's castoffs, some are my castoffs, and some are items I purchased at a bag sale in June specifically for resale. I save items throughout the year and then make two dropoffs with one in the fall and one in the spring. My mom was heading to the town where the shop is, so I hitched a ride with her and didn't even spend gas money. I won't get a ton of money from this, but I expect between $40-$100 which is pretty great in my book!

* I'm getting ready to open a second flea market booth, hopefully near the beginning of November. I've been hitting up yard sales pretty heavily and have a small stock of merchandise accumulated for less than $200.  I'm excited and nervous to see how it goes!  Find me on Instagram if you want to see pictures of some of the items I've found.

* Shopping so heavily at yard sales at the past few weeks has made me even cheaper than normal.  There is sooooo much stuff in this world and no real need to pay full price for most things!

* Received a free flu shot through my work.

* I am going to be replacing my car soon because I need more space to haul stuff for resale. My car is as old as the hills but still runs just fine. I initially thought about financing a new car because I would most likely be able to get a 0% interest rate. However, I just can't stomach the thought of any more debt, so I've taken some money out of savings in preparation for paying cash (well, check) and hope to sell my car for 1K.

* Received a bonus from work and immediately put a (large) portion of it in savings.

* Calculated my net worth again and it is now -$3K. It was -$146K in 2008, so this is super exciting progress.

* Signed up for Poshmark and am going to list some clothing items on there to see if they sell.  I have too much going on right now but plan to launch on Poshmark in mid-November. 

* My mom came over and fixed my broken front door and trimmed the front bushes which are thorny and were not looking so hot. She is also glueing together a furniture piece for my booth and painting another piece for me. I call her HandyMom and am very appreciative of all that she does for me!!  She really does a lot to help me out and to enable my frugal lifestyle.  

* Received another $16 check from credit card rewards.

* Submitted another receipt to the Checkout 51 app for a .25 rebate.

* Went to CVS armed with $8 in ECB to purchase three needed items. There was also a $2 off coupon on my card which I had forgotten about. I paid .73 out of pocket AND received another $5 ECB for my next purchase!  I have no idea why the $5 ECB printed but I'll take it.

* Continued to shop at Aldi for groceries (so inexpensive!) and am cooking at home most of the time.

* Took 10 ink cartridges to Staples to recycle (thanks to my Auntie Tams for most of these!). This will give me a $20 store coupon next month which I will use to purchase a 2017 planner.  I also have more cartridges to take next month as the limit is 10. 


MrsSpock said…
Going from -146K to -3000 is amazing! When do you turn the corner to positive? That should be coming up soon I should think.
Thanks, MrsSpock!! I am super excited! It should be before the end of the year but buying the car will set me back a bit. I'll make sure to post when it happens. :)

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