The Frugal Shrink's Favorite Dollar Tree Products

I LOVE the Dollar Tree. So many useful items (and a lot of money grabbers, too!).

1) Pepsodent toothpaste. Made in the USA, doesn't have a lot of weird chemicals.

2) Toothbrushes. I don't do much couponing anymore, so $1 per pack it is.

3) Antibacterial wipes. The equivalent to XX. I keep these in my car and use them after thrifting or road side stops to pick up merch. I'm always doing something gross related to my business (lol) and so these come in very handy.

4) Glass cleaner and antibacterial household spray. Boring necessities.

5) Greeting cards. I go in late December or early January and buy all cards that I'll need for the year. Everyone gets a .50 card except for my mom, who gets a whole $1 card. Ha ha!!

6) Gift bags and tissue paper. I'm cheap and these are just as cute for $1 than for a lot more.

7) Sensitive skin makeup remover wipes. I use these to take off water proof mascara. More waste yes, but also more convenient.

8) Salon Selectives conditioner. The shampoo is watery, but the conditioner smells good and works great.

9) Salon Selectives deep conditioning treatment. This is my holy grail of deep conditioners- I use this after dyeing my hair or any time my hair is feeling rough. Works just as well as expensive deep conditioning treatments.

10) Diabetic foot cream. I am not diabetic, nor do I use this as a foot cream. It is a fabulous cream for dry skin/ hands and I'm sure for feet as well!

11) Dermasil lotion. Dermasil has an odd pepper-y after smell, but it's not bad in this cream. This one contains dimethicone which is a silicone lubricant that works well for my dry winter skin.


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