Lip Gloss Reprieve and Other Updates

I am settling in nicely with the spending challenge.  Except for one thing...

The hardest thing about this spending challenge has been not buying lipstick or lipgloss.  I realize how stupid that sounds, but it is true!  Making it worse is the fact that I ran out of my staple lipgloss (Mac Lipglass, $15) and lipstick (L'oreal Colour Riche in Mica, $8) right before the challenge.  I am also dangerously low on my second favorite lip glosses which are these cheapies. I am making do with what I have but it is tough and I am not pleased.  This week my friend brought me a gift set of six glosses- she does not know about the challenge, so it was a happy accident and not me begging for relief!  

I was at the hospital (working) longer than I thought I would be one day, and so I ran through the Taco Bell drive thru on the way to an acupuncture appointment.  $1.70 spent.  

1) Thrift store- two jackets/ blazers for work ($2.50 and $2.05 respectively) and a few books, one of which is new and will be part of a gift.  I wear jackets to work a lot in the summer when I need another layer to battle the air conditioning.  Total thrift cost: $6

2) Sunscreen- I wear sunscreen daily and have for the last decade plus.  I'm nearly out of my high-powered spring/ summer sunscreen, so I ordered some.  Cost: $12
3) Underwear- This is on my "must be bought new" list!  I ordered a bunch but did go through Ebates and used a coupon code.  Obviously. 
4) Sally Beauty Supply- I bought a couple of boxes of hair dye from Sally's and some other needed items. I did get a FREE bottle of  nail polish for buying two boxes of hair dye at one time.  Cost for everything: $25ish
5) Contact lenses- I used my FSA, so I didn't really feel the cost here.  I used a coupon code here, too, and did a price comparison to find the cheapest store.  I still need to order glasses.

Make Do:
I found myself wanting a gray cotton cardigan to wear with the aforementioned sequin tank top.  I poked around at the thrifts but didn't find anything.  This is a good thing because I realized that I already OWN a gray cardigan but it was out of sight, out of mind in my mending pile.  I have lots of different colored thread from an estate sale purchase a couple of years ago, so I had all the supplies needed and it just took about five minutes to sew up the hole.

Use It Up:
I've used up the ends of two shampoo bottles, a sunscreen, contact lens solution, and a lotion.  I still have an embarrassing amount of this stuff, so I continue to work through the pile.  

My second paycheck of the month is coming on Friday, so I hope to be able to update then and see if I have more money left over since starting the challenge.  See you soon!


see you there! said…
Just found your blog. Always enjoy a no spending challenge. Will follow along and see how it goes.

Frugal Scholar said…
Sunblock can be purchased via your medical FSA. Just in case you don't know...
I did not know that, FS!! Good info!

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